Dental practice stationery

Registration/Presentation Folder

A presentation folder holds loose documents and your practice promotional aids like brochure, x-rays etc. together for organization and protection. Made on 300 gsm art card which is folded in half with pockets in order to keep paper documents. Custom sized presentation folders are also available on request. Please contact us for pricing and delivery details.

Pictures show the front and inner sides of presentation folder.

Tear-off sheets

Tear-off sheets are the most economic way of practice marketing. The size is 10 cm length x 14 cm width. Printed on 100gsm art paper, tear off sheets carry information on treatments and after care procedures. Please call us for more details.

Direct mailer cards

Direct mailer cards still plays an effective roll in dental marketing even after the influence of digital mails. While a digital mail is read by a concerned person, direct mail gets the attraction of many a people in the domain which it reaches.

Treatment info cards

Treatment info cards are carriers of all important info one patient needs to know about a treatment. Front and back multicolor printed on 300gsm art card, these cards are to displayed at the reception area so that patient can pick one of their choice. Size is 21cm x 9cm

Email marketing

Email marketing is everywhere and is a strong tool to attract patients and to maintain a constant relationship with them. An email can be a appointment reminder, a seasons’ greeting, a thanks giving, an offer, a camp, an event, etc etc. A well designed Email is always a feast to our eyes. We do it in the right way.

Kids Notebook

A notebook for kids. Contains information about dental care with illustration, and with large space to write or draw anything they want. An wonderful and useful notebook you can be gifted to your patients. This note book has 48 pages including wrapper.

Description: Size: 8″ width x 8.3″ height. Wrapper: Multi clour print on 250gsm art cardInner pages: Ruled white pages. Total Pages including wrapper: 48, Customization: 3″ width x 7″ height blank area will be utilized for printing(Single color)clinic address.